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Health Program

GBV, Drugs and substance abuse Interventions

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a damning challenge facing most contemporary families. The problem is more magnified in informal settlements and low income households. In most poverty-stricken rural communities in which we intervene, GBV is a live challenge that we seek solutions for most often. Some of our interventions are short-term like mediations and legal in nature while others involve looking out for the root causes and offering long-lasting solutions.
At United Hope International, we have been able to conduct basic surveys/ investigations as to the causes of such GBVs and realized that majority are due to drugs and substance abuse and low-income levels occasioned by lack of or insufficient household income. We strive to offer basic economic support through small-scale business ideas and opportunities for sustainable income flow in such households.
Other interventions include; enhanced sensitization on the ills of GBV, drugs and substance abuse, counseling as well as partnering with law enforcement agencies for curtailment& deterrence.


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