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Livelyhoods Support

Eradicating hunger and ensuring decent and dignified living standards


Livelyhoods Support Program

Under this program, United Hope International strives to contribute to the global objectives of eradicating hunger and ensuring decent and dignified living standards. We operationalize this through two projects namely; children’s home and a homecare project for orphans, widows, and the vulnerable

Children’s home

United Hope International has a fully established children’s home with a capacity of housing and providing for over 45 children. Through the help of well-wishers and other stakeholders, we strive to provide all basic needs within the home including; decent housing, clothing, food, counseling, education, and social support. The numbers keep rising due to the challenges of poverty and other vulnerabilities. We hope to expand the home in order to accommodate as many orphans and vulnerable children as possible.

Orphans and Widows home care project

Because of the limited space at the children’s home to accommodate the needs of all the vulnerable cases that come to our attention, we also offer home care to those who have homes but lack other basic needs. Such home care project provides for food donations, medical care through hospital evacuations in emergencies,


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