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About Children

Billy Graham Otieno is total Orphan and currently 15 years young, he was born in March 5th 2008. The Father slipped to be with Lord in November 12th. 2020 & the Mother June. 28th. 2021 respectively. He currently lives with the Grandfather who is 92 years old.
Many a times He misses school due to lack of tuition fees. He also lacks basic amenities having the fact that he lives with a grandfather who has lost sight and energy to meet the needs.

Hobby: Loves to play football.

Billy is in grade 7, he performs averagely but can do much better if given love support. Monthly support gives Billy a chance to go to High school regularly, eat, clothe , medication & Transform his life & restore hope & Joy in his life.
Suggested support $ 90 a month. 

Alex Bifon is age 18 young born in 2005 and Joined United Hope in 2010. He saw his father while he was very little, his mother slipped to be with the Lord while he was in Kindergarten (Day care). He was under the care of his grandmother who was earning very little that couldn't sustain their basic needs. His grandma later on died leaving him and his little sister behind, with no one responsible to meet his needs. He lacked shelter, food and education. Alex has a younger sister called purity whom we also support, care for & have adopted at United Hope Int Orphanage.

Hobby: Alex loves Farming & he helps us a lot in the farming whenever he returns from school.

Alex would be more than Blessed to connect with a family to pray, support & care for him. Suggested support - $ 90 would be enough to cater for his basic needs, Food, clothing and education in High school.

Christine Auma Orako is a total orphan who lost both of her parents in 2007. She’s in grade 5, Born in 2010.

She’s a jovial girl full of life despite of challenges she’s going through. She lives with her uncle who earns less than 2 dollars a day. Christine majorly lacks proper shelter & education. With Adopted family she’ll be very happy.

Suggested support $ 40 a month will provide food, shelter and elementary education.

Devilance is age 16 Born in 2007 and comes from a unprivileged family. He loves to play drum – set and keyboard.

His currently in High school and suggested donation Below will enable us meet his Tuition Fees, food & clothing.

Suggested $ 90 a Month. 

Jecinter Awino stayed in a refugee camp after they had been vacated from their loving Home by flood. We got to know her when we were doing Mission outreach to the affected victims by flood & got moved by her sad story.

The flood swept all their belongs including their House & had no option but to live in a school in one of the classrooms during school Holiday. When the schools reopened they had to find somewhere again and that’s when we encountered her.

She’s 15 years young born in 2008.
Her school life has not been easy due to lack of school.
She’ll appreciate a supportive family to stand with her which will also boost her hopes to do much better.

Hobby: She’s a prayer worrier.
Your Faithful support of $ 90 a month will cover her High school Tuition, Food, clothing and Medical.  

Lynn is a jovial Orphan girl full of Hope, 14 years of age Born in 2009. She’s currently in Elementary Level but sitting for her finals this year. She needs support for her High school.

She’s an hospitable girl who serves as an Asher.

Suggested $ 90 will go towards food, Tuition fees for High school and medication. 

Purity Monyangi is age 16 was born in 2007. She’s a total orphan who never got the opportunity to see both of her parents, they slipped to be with the Lord while she was still breast feeding. She was under the care of her grandmother & at some point got shifted to her Aunt who was earning very little that couldn’t sustain their basic needs. Her grandma later on died leaving her behind behind with No one to care for them.
By the Lord’s grace we’ve witnessed this girl growing from a child to now a girl & from Kindergarten & now in Secondary school.

Hobby: She loves to sing & play with the little ones. She loves the Mission & always say “ I find comfort and peace right here with my Mission Family”

This beautiful Orphan girl would be more than happy to connect with a family to pray & care for her and with only

$ 90 Monthly will cover her basic needs; Food, clothing, medical and Tertiary education.

Lyvian is age 8 Born in 2015. She’s currently in grade 3 and doing well academically. Because of lack of school fees she has been on and off school.

Your Faithful Monthly support of $ 45 will keep her in school and provide; food, medicine and shelter for her 

Eric Odhiambo is a partial Orphan coming from a poor family. He stays with her Grandmother who earns very little & struggles to keep both ends meet. The Father died & the Mother does some little business of vegetables & fruits. Eric almost dropped out of school due to lack of fees.

Your Faithful support of $ 90 a month will enable Eric pursue his dream & meet his basic needs. 

Sharon Adhiambo is an Orphan age 16 born in 2007. Sharon is growing up in a poor area in Kasongo. The HIV and AIDS crisis has severely damaged the social fabric of the entire community, leaving many children without parents. Families live in mud houses, tin or thatched roofs.

A typical diet consists of maize meal, beans, and vegetables. Families are dependent on agriculture for income and food, however, the community is vulnerable to drought.

Your sponsorship commitment & faithful support of $ 90 a month will help provide Sharon and her community with food, Tuition, clothing and medical. 

Bramin Ombok is 15 years of age Born in 2008. He’s a hard working boy who loves to read & serve the Lord. He lost His parents at the age of 2 years.

Hobby: Bramin Loves to play drum – set and His gifted in Singing.

Your sponsorship commitment of Monthly support accorded to him will be of great impact to his life & will be directed towards food, clothing, medical & Elementary education.

Suggested $ 90 a Month: 

Rehema Atieno is Born in June 16th .2007 & bread in Miwani, around United Hope International. We adopted her at the age of 3years while she was in Kindergarten & now 16 years and in High school. She’s a talented worshiper & leads in praise & worship. She has never been lucky to have a family to stand with her & this has been her prayer ever since.
She performs well in school.

Hobby: She loves singing gospel songs & reading
She’ll greatly appreciate a family to stand with her through her education & basic needs.

Suggested $ 90 a month will cover her tuition education fees, food, clothing and medication.   

Projects in Need of Funding

Monthly Programs:

1.} Child sponsorship/Distance adoption - $ 45 a month for an orphan in Elemenatry $ 90 a month for an Orphan in High school.

2.} Feed The Hungry Children Program - $ 1,500 a Month – one meal a day for 60 kids from poor families.

3.} Widows Program - $ 600 Food,medical support for the widows inclusive of transport of field officers to various or respective homes of the widows.

4.} Keep the girls in School - $ 450 a Month.......60 a new program that aims to provide reusable sanitary pads to girls from impoverished and extreme poverty backgrounds, enabling them to manage their menstruation in a hygienic, sustainable, and dignified way and stay in school.
United Hope Int is seeking funding and partnerships to support 4 active projects including but not limited to Upscaling the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Enterprise Model.

5.} Evangelism and Discipleship Program – Training and equipping church leaders with Biblical Knowledge – $ 250 a month - Church.

6.} Medical/Emergency funds – $ 400 amonth for orphans in the Mission.

7.} Ministry Operational cost - $ 350

8.} Electricity Bill - $ 150 a month - Takes care of Electricty cost a month.


P.O Box 1208-40100 Kisumu, Ahero- Ombei -Miwani Road


Phone 1: +254 733 651 498
Phone 2: +254 721 153 952