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Health Program

WASH & Disaster responses

According to the United Nations (SDGs), everyone on earth should have access to safe and affordable drinking water. It is a global objective that by 2030 the world should ensure availability of and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. It is through initiatives of organizations and stakeholders such as United Hope International that this global objective can be realized. At United Hope International, we contribute to the realization of this noble objective in such small ways as to provide water, sanitation and hygiene through such activities as; drilling/ sinking of community boreholes and water points, construction of public hand washing points in public institutions and public places such as markets, bus stops and boda boda stop-points, and construction of community toilets.
Disaster Responses -Floods
The Western part of Kenya where United Hope International is headquartered is generally an equator line crossing zone characterized by seasons of heavy rains in most times of the year. Kano Plains of Kisumu County for example, which forms one of our major demographic surveillance areas, is generally plain-lands adjacent to Lake Victoria and facing several hills and mountains such as Nandi Hills on the North. It is mostly ravaged by heavy floods occasioned by down flowing rain water from the hilly/ mountainous Nandi Hills, bursting of river banks and sometimes the backflow of water from the lake occasioned by the rising lake water levels due to climate change. We have continued to meet various needs arising from the flooding challenges such as re-construction of collapsed building structures, restoration of public health installations such as toilets, clean water pipers& tanks, resettlement of households, distribution of food rations, bedding, clothing, learning materials and equipment, mosquito nets amongst others.


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